Spring Soothing Tea and Lavender Combo


Both of these divine products can help to promote a sense of calm…think green fields, pasture-fed fluffy goats cheese with honey and lavender…what a Spring treat!

Idyll Farms Idyll Pastures Goats Cheese with Honey and Lavender – It takes only 4 days for Idyll Farms to transform Northern Michigan’s great lakes pastures into the freshest goat cheese form. The result is a fluffy, white, marshmallow-like, sliceable, rindless round with a citrusy smooth, creamy tang that melts in your mouth.

Gunpowder Green Tea from the Little Prayer Tea Company – Chinese green tea, rolled into little balls that resemble “gunpowder” – a fresh introduction to green tea that offers a smooth, grassy, sweet flavor that is great at any time of the day.